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Hartford Courant - Mansion or Money Pit - 50 Cent's Farmington Estate
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Farmington Home- Too late-now leased--call for others
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Welcome to site of Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc.-Hartford's Real Estate Counselor

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The Company
Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. -incorporated March 1984

Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. has been in business continuously since the early 1980's (and incorporated in March of 1984) in order to create real estate services for our clients and customers with a diverse range of expertise. While we specialize in both commercial and residential appraisals, we have developed an expertise in most communities and towns in Connecticut. The company also offers assistance with buyer brokerage, listings and exchanges of all types of properties nationwide through various exchange organizations. Marc Gottesdiener is available for consultation concerning investing and developing real estate. Marc has testified in many court matters concerning property valuation since the early 1990's involving various types of properties both residential & commercial with many different litigious situations with an excellent track record of over two+ decades. Additionally, the company as a problemn solver does some property management services for residential and mixed-use units throughout Greater Hartford.

Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. is fully staffed with professionals offering a variety of expertise. Most of the team has been involved in appraisal work, real estate sales or property management. Our experienced, licensed staff is available to provide consultation and the most up to date and accurate detailed inf
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Why Work With Hartford's Real Estate Counselor?

Top 10 Reasons to Work With A RE COUNSLEOR 
1. Financing - Are you trying to obtain a lower interest rate on your mortgage?  Are you in the process of buying a home?   
2. Home for Sale by Owner - You need information and estimates of value in marketing your property to prospective buyers You need expert representation.. 
3. Tax Assessment appeals - An appraisal presented to your town or city assessor's office can assist you in reducing your annual property taxes dictated every 5 years by CT law.  
4. Divorce, Bankruptcy, Probate matters - Our appraisers can provide reports on real estate and when necessary provide corroborating expert court testimony as to value.  Some of our appraisers have 20 or more years of experience testifying in all eight Connecticut counties and have appeared in federal court cases.  
5. Development and Rehabilitation - Determining the best and highest use of a parcel or property.  A need may arise for real estate owners seeking to change or improve the use of their real property.  Are you looking to develop a land parcel or rehabilitate a commercial or mixed-use property?  Have you had fire, water or smoke damage with an insurance claim?  Our office can help. 
6. Transfer of Ownership or Change in Percentages in Joint Ownership - Our appraisers can estimate value and provide advice during such transitions.  Our expertise also extends to tax deferred 1031 property exchanges. 
7. Comparable Marketing Analy
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Marc was thorough and professional. He was willing to give advice above and beyond what was required. DR.

Thank you for all the hard work. It certainly is complete , I had to read through it twice to get the full body of everything you put into it. I would certainly highly recommend your services. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. BOB

"Marc, I thought you did a remarkable job. Too bad you weren't hired sooner." Attorney from Old Saybrook 11/24/09
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"Expert Witness: Knowing the Property Better than Anyone
by Isaac Peck, Associate Editor

There is one business-related element of appraising that typically leads to more income, more interesting assignments and more choice: diversification.

Most successful appraisers agree that diversification is key to growing an appraisal business. Building a steady stream of non-lender clients is a great way to enjoy greater choice and to stay busy during the inevitable "down" lending cycles. Non-lender work tends to pay more than typical appraisal work and many find the assignments more interesting and rewarding.

Marc Gottesdiener, involved in real estate 40 years, has worked as an appraiser litigation consultant and expert witness since the early 1990s. His experience gives him a firm handle on what the work involves and how to do it well. Here is some advice for appraisers interested in pursuing non-lender work as a consultant and expert witness."

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Specializing in:
Commercial and Residential Real
Estate Appraisals Apartments and Commercial Space for Rent Property Management Buyer Brokerage Property Listings and Representation 1031 Exchanges Client-Based Real Estate Consultation Court Testimony
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