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What Makes Us Different?

Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. has been 
in business continuously since the early 
1980's (and incorporated in March of 
1984) in order to create real estate 
services for our clients and customers 
with a diverse range of expertise.

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Over the years the company has 
creatively and diligently worked to 
represent our clients to provide
 excellent service at an affordable 
price to accomplish the goals requested. 
We strive to assist our customers, 
clients, tenants, partners and the 
public to render quality and integrity.

Real Estate
Property Management
What Our Customers Say

Marc was thorough and professional. He 
was willing to give advice above and 
beyond what was required. DR.

Thank you for all the hard work. It 
certainly is complete , I had to read 
through it twice to get the full body of 
everything you put into it. I would 
certainly highly recommend your 
services. It has been a pleasure doing 
business with you. BOB

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