Expert Witness

"Expert Witness: Knowing the Property Better than Anyone
by Isaac Peck, Associate Editor

There is one business-related element of appraising that typically leads to more income, more interesting assignments and more choice: diversification.

Most successful appraisers agree that diversification is key to growing an appraisal business. Building a steady stream of non-lender clients is a great way to enjoy greater choice and to stay busy during the inevitable "down" lending cycles. Non-lender work tends to pay more than typical appraisal work and many find the assignments more interesting and rewarding.

Marc Gottesdiener, involved in real estate 40 years, has worked as an appraiser litigation consultant and expert witness since the early 1990s. His experience gives him a firm handle on what the work involves and how to do it well. Here is some advice for appraisers interested in pursuing non-lender work as a consultant and expert witness."

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