Our Real Estate Brokerage History and Appraisal History

Our Real Estate Brokerage History and Appraisal History
Marc was first licensed in 1977 and two years later became a RE broker. His first sale was a condominium and then a vacant excess lot for $10,000 and his largest sale was a $8.2M apartment complex and shopping center. Marc is a commercial Realtor under the auspices of the Greater Hartford Board of Realtors and has been a member of the National Council of Exchangors for many years http://www.ncexchangors.com/ and has exchanged properties in several states. In the 1980's and beyond, Marc was also listed in Who's Who in Creative Real Estate, and since 1981 has been a buyer's broker representing residential and commercial transactions in a fiduciary capacity. The Hartford Courant Northeast Magazine section featured Marc as one of only four active buyer's brokers in the state in the early 1990's.Now that is more common for proper representation and completely required by Consumer Protection in CT.

Marc was taught 1031 Exchanging by Warren Harding back in 1981 & is a strong believer.

Marc became a certified general appraiser, RCG.00246, in 1988 when the US certified appraisers.In the last 3 decades Marc and his firm and colleagues have been responsible for nearly 3000 appraisal reports consisting of residential properties of all kinds,land, multi-families,industrial properties, commercial and mixed-use,easements,best and highest analysis, and numerous litigation cases involving bankruptcies, divorces, partnership breakups, best and highest uses and various other unusual court cases. Marc has been appointed nearly 300 times mostly in Hartford Superior Court on various court committees and has been identified as an expert witness in all county and bankruptcy courts.

NOTE- Unlike most Appraisers or Realtors- Marc is both and as well an investor having owned over 140 units in 5 states yet mostly in CT & as well managed another 100 units.

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