Our Real Estate Broker History

Marc was first licensed in 1977 and two years later became a RE broker. His first sale was a condominium and then a vacant excess lot for $10,000 and his largest sale was a $8.2M apartment complex and shopping center. Marc is a commercial Realtor under the auspices of the Greater Hartford Board of Realtors. Marc has been a member of the National Council of Exchangors for many years http://www.ncexchangors.com/ and has exchanged properties in several states. In the 1980's and beyond, Marc was also listed in Who's Who in Creative Real Estate, and since 1981 has been a buyer's broker representing residential and commercial transactions in a fiduciary capacity. The Hartford Courant Northeast Magazine section featured Marc as one of only four active buyer's brokers in the state in the early 1990's.

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