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"Marc was thorough and professional. He was willing to give advice above and beyond what was required." DR.
"Thank you for all the hard work. It certainly is complete , I had to read through it twice to get the full body of everything you put into it. I would certainly highly recommend your services. It has been a pleasure doing business with you." BOB
"Marc, I thought you did a remarkable job. Too bad you weren't hired sooner." Attorney from Old Saybrook
"...we would certainly recommend you. You were very thorough and did a terrific job given all the details involved. We look to experts [who] have always done a great job helping us make the right choices - so when they recommended you - we knew that you would be excellent."
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Esther Tolo

"I had tried by myself to refinance my home in West Hartford for more than five years, and couldn't get anywhere with the mortgage company. Thanks to Marc who worked tirelessly for us, our mortgage was finally reset to an affordable rate."
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