As a full-service real estate company with now over Four decades of licensed experience and expertise, Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. handles all aspects of both commercial & residential real estate assignments including appraisals, rentals, listings, building rehabilitation, consultation, an expert in litigation, court testimony, & other real estate asset services focusing on real estate solutions in Connecticut. Marc Gottesdiener himself has owned over one hundred forty units-apartments, stores, and offices, as well as land parcels, and these properties, have been in 5 states, yet mostly in CT. MG & Co. has managed more than a hundred units in Hartford and beyond for a diversified base of clients and types of properties yet concentrates on RE problem-solving. We always use our objective learned experiences in solving real estate problems, situations, and win-win RE techniques and formulas. Marc was first incorporated in Hartford in March 1984 as a C corporation & is now a subchapter S entity.

As an appraiser, Marc is a certified general for both residential and commercial appraisals and has provided expert court testimony in all eight Connecticut counties. In addition, Marc routinely works with the Connecticut Superior Courts (on nearly 300 cases) in providing appraisals and court testimony for various property matters, foreclosures, divorce, bankruptcy, partition suits, and other litigious matters. His firm can represent you ethically as an agent, appraiser & manager for landlords, investors, property managers, exchangers in or out of state. Over the decade's Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. has handled many difficult and unique real estate situations and negotiated settlements to provide creative & equitable solutions. In the event Marc tackles an appraisal assignment -over 3 decades certified or a RE situation- over 4 decades licensed- his track record speaks for itself: Marc Gottesdiener does not have a grievance in either his RE appraiser's or broker's files.

What Makes Us Different?

Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. has been in business continuously since the early 1980s (incorporated in March of 1984), providing a wide range of real estate services, and we bring to the situation a wealth of knowledge and experience for our clients. With no blemishes on his real estate and appraiser's licenses, Marc's integrity to do the right thing radiates & will do only the right thing-the golden rule.


Now for over 3 and one-half decades! incorporated, Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. has creatively and diligently worked to represent RE clients. We combine superior real estate knowledge with excellent service & integrity. We know REAL ESTATE!

Appraisals-Residential & Commercial- valuation of all kinds-and court testimony
Property Management-leasing and sales
Have/Wants- Counseling to find a solution
Investments-having owned many types of properties-Singles to 55KF mixed-use
1031 Tax Deferred Exchanging Nationwide- through tax & equity benefits
Problem Solving-Counseling- it's not the property, it's the ownership to resolve, and working together we find solutions
Estates- helping to resolve the RE part or to appraise for IRS
Eminent Domain Takings & Leaseholds-Court expert -solving the issue
Gift appraising- as is appropriate and verifiable for IRS purposes
Court Testimony - all kinds-as long as there are no conflicts---bankruptcies, divorce, foreclosures, partnerships, ad valorem-tax assessment appeals
Deficiency Judgments- either lender or borrower, municipality, clients & investors
Brokerage- from small to large- residential-1-4 units or any size commercial
Divorce and Partnership-RE Testimony/Appraisals/Reports/Settlements and Assistance-for Valuation and Appraisal
Leasing-Using most relevant-marketing tools/sites/websites-most appropriate
Sales/Exchanging-appropriate methods/marketing sessions /regional or national

What Our Customers Say

"Marc was thorough and professional. He was willing to advise above and
beyond what was required." -DR

"Thank you for all the hard work. It certainly was complete. I read through Marc's report as to the value of my mixed-use property, and I would highly recommend his services. It was a pleasure doing business with his company." -BOB