Frog Hollow Landmark Being Restored

By Cynthia Hunter
Southside Neighborhood News, February 15 - March 1, 1984--This was one of Marc's historic rehabs 25 yrs ago that were saved and still a part of the community-

"One of Frog Hollow's well-known landmarks "The Viking," built in 1910 at the corner of Broad Street and Russ Street, is being renovated under the supervision of Marc Gottesdiener and Bill Wall. General Partners of the Viking Development Company. The Company plans for completion of the new Section 8 apartment complex by mid-March.
Gottesdiener, a Russ Street resident, states "the top fourth floor south is now finished, but had to be fully gutted after the Savage Nomads occupied and destroyed the space three years ago."

Remodeling of the bottom three floors is underway and the majority of plumbing and electrical facilities have been installed. None of the thirty occupants have been displaced during reconstruction, though one apartment housed nine people temporarily.

Traditionally, a restaurant has been located underneath the Viking apartments. Until the late 70's, the famous Bond Restaurant was located beneath the four-story complex until it sold out to The Constitution House which was in bankruptcy
court by 1982. At this time, the Viking Development Company acquired an interest in the building.
"Bids for a new restaurant lease are being taken from local restaurant owners, and will be finalized soon," Gottesdiener says.

The Company plans to retain ownership of The Viking for a minimum of five years. It received a Community Development Block Gram from the government along with an interim loan from the Connecticut National Bank which enabled the partners to embark on the Section 8 project permitting moderate housing rehabilitation. Under the provisions of the government grant, should Viking Development Company decideto sell out, if a new owner retains the Section 8 housing the existing fifteen year mortgage will remain intact, assuring occupants that no rent increases will be incurred.
(The above was excerpts from the original article.)

Marc has renovated a number of Hartford properties like this. Marc as general partner owned the Viking Building for 23 years before exchanging it in 2005 for other properties for he and his limited partners in three different states, CT, VT, and FLA.

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